Art Blog of Laura Heikkala

15. Owl
My sister got her eye sight corrected with a laser surgery but she had to use these funny looking glasses for a day to protect her eyes. She looked just like an owl or a fly.
14. Cold
I haven’t been able to update new Inktober pictures bacause I fell ill at the start of this week. I’m still determined to catch up!
13. Toad
This is for a birthday card for my good friend. Got a bit carried away and coloured it with some flats.
12. Travel
I´m going to go home for my Autumn holiday and therefore I´ll be closing my online store for a short while. If you wan´t to get something before I go here’s the link to my store. : )
I´ll close the store on Thursday 16th and ship the orders on Friday. 
11. Miura
My little baby is already 4 years old!
10. Sanctuary
9. Danger

9. Danger

8. Path
7. Python
Today has been all about pythons.
6. Clouds
5. Meeting

4. Impro

Three pieces I improvised from random grey splatters.

3. Companion
2. Jungle