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A few commissions from Animecon, I forgot to take a picture of some but here are most of them : ) 

Commissions at Animecon! #Commission #Ink #animecon
Torahime print for Animecon
Trying out something different for once : D
Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds.


First finnish batch of Kuki-art book is ready for next weeks Desucon! This 12-page artbook includes five illustrations of the Flower series with plantable seeds for you to grow! It´s 115mm x 185mm in size and all coloured. : )

If you fancy yourself an english copy of this art book or won´t make it to Desucon to pick one, contact me via e-mail:

Also! I´ll be attending Desucon´s Artist Alley only on Sunday! 

Eventhough I sold out in Desucon I now have a brand new batch of Kuki art book for Animecon! Remember to visit if you are at Kuopio in Animecon next weekend! I´ll be also making marker commissions on Saturday. : )

Kiitos! : )
Thank you to everyone who visited my artist alley table at Desucon! It was so much fun and I´ve been super busy restocking my wares this week! I´ll be taking two weeks of vacation starting next monday so hopefully I´ll have time to be creative and do some new art! : )
See you next time at Hypecon this saturday and after that at Animecon next month!
Making some marker commissions at Desucon! Come get yours only today! #desucon #commission
Amaterasu print for Desucon! Come get yours on Sunday! : )